Systems of Equations

Complete the test and get an award.

Problem #1
[tex] \begin{cases} 2x+y=8 \\ x+2y=16 \end{cases} [/tex]
Find [tex]x-y=?[/tex]

Problem #2
[tex] \begin{cases} 2x+3y=1 \\ mx+ny=5 \end{cases} [/tex] doesn't have any solutions. Find [tex]m[/tex] and [tex]n[/tex].

Problem #3
[tex] \begin{cases} -2x+y=1 \\ x-2y=1 \end{cases} [/tex]
Find the solution to the system?

Problem #4
[tex] \begin{cases} -10x+my=3 \\ nx+14y=-6 \end{cases} [/tex]
The system have infinite solutions. Find [tex]m[/tex] and [tex]n[/tex].

Problem #5
[tex] \begin{cases} 5x+y=-5 \\ x+4y=-1\end{cases} [/tex] Find [tex]x+y=?[/tex]

Problem #6
[tex] \begin{cases} -2x+y=6 \\ x+y=6 \end{cases} [/tex] Find [tex]x[/tex] and [tex]y[/tex]?

Problem #7
Which system is graphed?
Which system is graphed?

Problem #8
[tex]x=1, y=3[/tex] are the solution to the system
[tex] \begin{cases} 2mx+ny=5 \\ -mx+ny=2 \end{cases}[/tex]. Find [tex]m+n=?[/tex]

Problem #9
What is the solution to the system [tex] \begin{cases} 5y-x=10 \\ y-\frac{1}{2}x=5 \end{cases} [/tex]?

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