Word Problems of Difference Estimation, Fourth Grade Math Test

Complete the test and get an award.

This free math test is for fourth grade students. This test comprises of word problems based on addition and subtraction. Each problem requires the student to round off individual numbers and compute the approximate difference between them.
Question 1
There were 1617 apples in the store. 177 apples are sold at the end of day. How many apples are left in the store approximately?

Question 2
From a post office, 1715 letters are posted each day, out of which 381 are foreign. How many letters are domestic?

Question 3
In a book consisting of 2140 pages, a boy has read 278 pages. How many pages are approximately unread?

Question 4
In a school with 2478 students, the students in first grade are 215. Approximately how many students are in other grades?

Question 5
There were 3576 women and 4416 men on the concert last night. How many people were on the concert approximately?

Question 6
A library has 5486 books. A generous man donated 242 books. How many books are now in the library?

Question 7
A man ran for 5482 m before he took a break. After that, he ran for another 5564 m and stopped to talk with a friend. Finaly, he returned home running the last 3923 m. Roughly, how long was his route that day (in meters)?

Question 8
There are 6723 ants in an anthill. During the day 3217 leave the anthill to search for food. How much ants are left in the anthill approximately when that happens.

Question 9
A handbag costed 1255 dollars. After succesful markenting campaign, this model became very popular, so selers increased its price by 265 dollars. How much it costs now?

Question 10
The pool takes 1000 liters of water to fill up. If 287 liters were poured the first day and 305 liters were poured the second day, how much more water is needed approximately to fill the pool?

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