Simplifying Rational Expressions

Complete the test and get an award.

Question 1
Calculate the value of the expression: [tex]\frac{(x+5)(x-5)}{x^2+5}[/tex] for [tex]x=2[/tex]

Question 2
Simplify the expression: [tex]\frac{3x^6}{9x^2(x-1)}[/tex]

Question 3
Which expression is equivalent to: [tex]\frac{6x+2}{4x+2}[/tex]

Question 4
Which identity is NOT correct?

Question 5
For which [tex]x[/tex] is the expression [tex]\frac{(x+2)(x-1)}{(x-2)(x+1)}[/tex] undefined?

Question 6
Simplify the expression: [tex]\frac{(x+3)(x-2)}{(2-x)(3-x)},x\neq2, x\neq3[/tex]

Question 7
Which expresion is equivalent to: [tex]\frac{x^2+x-2}{x-1},x\neq1[/tex]

Question 8
Which identity is correct?

Question 9
Simplify the expression: [tex]\frac{8x^2 - 32x + 32}{4x-8},x\neq2[/tex]

Question 10
Simplify the expression: [tex]\frac{x^2-x}{x^2 -2x+1}[/tex]

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