Word Problems of Addition and Subtraction up to 20, First Grade Test

Complete the test and get an award.

A free math test of addition and subtraction word problems for first grade students.
Question 1
Ronald has 8 video games and his brother has 6 video games. How many games do they have in total?

Question 2
Dwayne bought 12 apples and 6 oranges. How many pieces of fruit did Dwayne buy?

Question 3
Louis has 19 fishes in her aquarium. She gives 8 fishes to her friend. How many fishes does Louis have in her aquarium now?

Question 4
Roger got 9 marks in math and 7 marks in english. How many marks did Roger get in total?

Question 5
Fiona has 12 toffees. She gave 7 toffees to her friend. How many toffees does Fiona have now?

Question 6
Hailey had 15 apples but 3 apples went bad. How many good apples does Hailey have left?

Question 7
Jeff had 14 coins. He used 4 coins at the arcade. How many coins does Jeff has left?

Question 8
Michelle bought 5 pears, 6 mangoes and 2 oranges. How many pieces of fruit did Michelle buy?

Question 9
Betty has 19 chocolates. She eats 3 chocolates and gives 1 chocolate to her sister. How many chocolates does she have left?

Question 10
David got 3 presents from his father, 2 presents from his mother and 6 presents from his siblings. How many presents did David get in all?

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