Common entrance mathematics

Author: Adedoyin similoluwa
Self assessment

Complete the test and get an award.
Question 1
Share 120 oranges between bode and tolu in ratio 2:4. What is Tolu's share

Question 2
How many dozens can be gotten from 480

Question 3
What is the sum of angles in a triangle

Question 4
Adedoyin buys a wristwatch for fifty Naira and sells it for 80 Naira. What is his profit or loss?

Question 5
If 12 boys a field of grass in 5 days, how long will it take 20 boys?

Question 6
Divide 80 by 0.002

Question 7
A car covered a distance of 560Km in 7 hours. Find his average speed?

Question 8
Dolapo and Gloria are sisters, dolapo is 3 years older than Gloria. If dolapo was born in 1864, what year was Gloria born.

Question 9
Which of the following is not a prime number

Question 10
What is the next number in the series 3,7,11,15, ..............

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