Direct and Inverse Proportion

Author: Will Haining
Functional Skills: Working in Ratio
Question 1
A machine fills 1000 bottles in 5 hours.
Work out how many hours it would take the machine to fill 1200 bottles.

Question 2
It costs £0.75 to buy 5 bananas.
Work out how much it would cost to buy 7 bananas.

Question 3
3 tins of beans and 4 tins of tomatoes costs £2.73.
5 tins of beans costs £1.55.
Work out how much one tin of tomatoes costs.

Question 4
There are 500 sheets in a pack of paper. 500 sheets of paper weigh 2.5kg.
Work out the weight of 50 sheets of paper

Question 5
It takes 2 painters 4 days to complete a job.
Work out how many days it would take 1 painter to complete the same job.

Question 6
It takes 3 machines 2 days to produce a batch of products
Work out how long it would take 1 machine to produce the same batch of products.

Question 7
It takes 3 painters 6 days to complete a job.
Work out how many days it would take 2 painters to complete the same job

Question 8
It takes 5 machines 6 hours to produce 1000 DVDs
Work out how long it would take 4 machines to produce 1000 DVDs

Question 9
The number of days, D, to complete research is inversely proportional to the
number of researchers, R, who are working.
The research takes 125 days to complete is 16 people work on it.
Find how many people are needed to complete the research in 40 days.

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