Seasons of the Year, Second Grade Test

Complete the test and get an award.

This is a free test for second grade students. In this test, students are given problems based on the four seasons of the year. The student must answer with the correct season which befits the provided problem.
Question 1
Which season comes before spring?

Question 2
Which season comes after summer?

Question 3
Which season comes after winter?

Question 4
Which season comes before fall?

Question 5
Which season comes after spring?

Question 6
Which season comes before summer?

Question 7
Which season comes before winter?

Question 8
If it is summer now, what season was it 6 months ago?

Question 9
If it is fall now, what season will it be 9 months from now?

Question 10
If it is winter now, what season will it be 12 months from now?

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