Division up to 1000 Word Problems, Third Grade Math Test

Complete the test and get an award.

This is an online free test of math for third grade students. This test comprises of 10 word problems. Each word problem focuses on the division of larger numbers, i.e. up to 1000.
Question 1
Rebecca has 512 store credit. If each item in the store costs 8 store credits, how many items can Rebecca buy?
Question 2
539 cars have to be transported from one country to another. If it takes 7 rounds to transport all cars, how many cars can a ferry transport in one round?
Question 3
If one bag can hold 9 oranges. How many bags are required to hold 225 oranges?
Question 4
640 hours of workload has to be divided amongst employees. If each employee receives 8 hours of work, how many total employees are there in the company?
Question 5
If one store generates \$6 revenue on a product, how many stores will produce $486 net revenue?
Question 6
If 9 students of the class all score equal marks and the total marks are 855, how many marks does each student score?
Question 7
If one woodcutter cuts 4 trees in a day, how many woodcutters will cut 288 trees in a day?
Question 8
If one dozen apples cost \$3, how many dozens of apples can be bought with \$105 ?
Question 9
198 passengers are transported in 9 buses. How many passengers can be seated on one bus?
Question 10
In a resort, 5 lbs of firewood are used each day. How many days will 625 lbs of firewood last?

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