Word Problems of Addition and Subtraction up to Ten-Thousands

Complete the test and get an award.

This is a free math test for fourth grade students. This test consists of word problems focused on addition and subtraction. The values of numbers to be added are up to ten-thousands.
Question 1
4280 birds flew north for the spring, while 3975 birds did not migrate. How many birds in total were there?
Question 2
Peter and Linda entered Domino Challange. They made a piece from 12687 dominos, but they accidentally knocked down 2956 pieces before judges saw their final work. How many dominos were left standing?
Question 3
A car dealership sold 4718 vehicles last year and 6480 vehicles this year. How many vehicles in total were sold in these 2 years?
Question 4
In a newly formed country, 6752 immigrants were given refuge while 3614 immigrants could not be accommodated. How many immigrants in total were there?
Question 5
My salary is 3000 dollars, but my rent is 1200 dollars. How much money I have after I pay the bill to my landlord?
Question 6
Thomas is given a collection of 1267 stamps by his father which he adds to his collection of 2790 stamps. How many stamps in total does he have now?
Question 7
A company made a revenue of 10200 dollars last year and 9715 dollars this year. How much total revenue did the company make in dollars in the two year period?
Question 8
One project requires 6033 hours of labor while another project requires 5780 hours. How many hours of labor is required to complete both projects?
Question 9
The truck delivered apricots to the store. 3758 from 15450 apricots got rotten. How many apricots are left for sale ?
Question 10
If 4239 job applications are submitted in one week and 2556 are submitted in another week, how many job application are submitted in total?

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