Word Problems of Division up to 12, Fourth Grade Test

Complete the test and get an award.

This math test is for fourth grade students. It consists of word problems focused on division operation. This division only ranges up to 12.
Question 1
A farmer had 72 potatoes. He arranged them in sacks such that each sack had 6 potatoes. How many sacks did he need?
Question 2
At checkout, each counter had a queue of 7 customers. If there were 42 customers, how many counters were there?
Question 3
A food supplier supplies to 54 stores. If there are 9 stores on one route, how many routes are there in total?
Question 4
There are 66 students in 6 classrooms. How many students are there in each classroom?
Question 5
48 pupils are seated in 4 columns. How many pupils are there in each column?
Question 6
Amanda wants to share 32 chocolate bars amongst 4 friends. How many chocolate bars will each friend get?
Question 7
A train takes 49 hours to cover 7 equally distant checkpoints. How many hours will the train take to cover one checkpoint?
Question 8
A question paper has 30 questions on 3 subjects. How many questions are there for each subject?
Question 9
40 passengers board airplanes on an airport in 5 hours. How many passengers board in one hour?
Question 10
From an office printer, 121 pages are printed in 11 hours. How many pages are printed in one hour?

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