Money Quiz

Author: Julie
Answer these questions. Use a pen and paper or calculator to assist you.

Complete the test and get an award.
Question 1
James was sent to the corner store to buy some Bread, Milk, Butter and Jam
Calculate the total of all goods purchased.

Bread - \$1.70
Milk - \$3.30
Vegemite - \$4.80
Jam - \$2.50
Cream - \$2.90
Butter - \$1.60
Juice \$3.00
Question 2
Round the price to the nearest amount for cash.

Question 3
What is the total

Question 4
Mr Sire purchases a bicycle for $163.62. How much cash will he need to pay?
Question 5
What is the change from $50 if my total purchases were $36.80?
Question 6
The Gantry family has to pay the following bills for the month of June.
Electricity $150, Gas $120, Groceries $530, Water $110, Phone and internet $70.
What is the total amount the Gantry family needs to pay in bills for the month?
Question 7
If the Gantry family earn $4650 each month, How much money will they have left after paying all the bills?
Question 8
Insect repellent has a cost of $3.93. How much would it cost to purchase with cash.

Question 9
If apples cost 90c each and Sally buys 7, How much will it cost Sally to buy them?

Question 10
The Teacher buys each student a fidget toy. There are 25 students in the class and each toy costs $2.20. How much did the Teacher spend?

Question 11
A blazer in a suit store is marked at 60% off to make room for new stock. The original price was $80. What is the discounted price?
Question 12
New tyres for Bobs car cost $200 for each tyre. What is the total cost to replace all 4 tyres?
Question 13
Sarah buys 4 takeaway coffees each week. Each coffee costs $4.50. How much does she spend on each coffee each week?
Question 14
Mary drives to work from the next town, 4 days a week. Each trip is 60km. Taking into account that Mary drives both to and from work, How many kilometres a week does she drive for work?
Question 15
What is $4.06 rounded to the nearest dollar amount.

Question 16
In the supermarket, Peter spent $14.35. How much change from $20 does he receive?
Question 17
Fran worked for 4 hours each Saturday. The hourly rate was $16.80. How much pay did Fran receive?
Question 18
What colour is the Australian $20 note

Question 19
Jane uses her credit card to purchase goods to the total of $15.86. What is the total charged to her credit card?
Question 20
A dress at the local fashion store cost $15.40. A Handbag costs $18.60. Rebecca wants to buy a dress and a handbag. She has $30 cash. Does she have enough money to purchase both items.

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