Test: Types of Angles

Set 1

Choose the answer that incorrectly names an angle in each preceding figure.

problem 1
angle NOP
angle PON
angle O
angle 90°

problem 2
angle CDE
angle CED
angle D
angle 1

problem 3
angle R
angle QRS
angle XRS
angle XRQ

problem 4
angle KMN
angle NMO
angle KML
angle M

Set 2

Choose the best answer.

5. All opposite rays
are also straight angles.
have different end points.
extend in the same direction.
do not form straight lines.

6. Angles that share a common vertex point cannot
share a common angle side.
be right angles.
use the vertex letter name as an angle name.
share interior points.

7. angle EDF and angle GDE
are the same angle.
only share a common vertex.
are acute.
share a common side and vertex.

problem 8
mangle ABC = 360°
•A, •B, and •C are noncollinear.
angle ABC is an obtuse angle.
angle The rays BA and BC are opposite rays.

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