Word Problems of Addition and Subtraction up to 10, First Grade Test

Complete the test and get an award.

A free math test of word problems using addition and subtraction of numbers up to 10.
Problem #1
Pete had 10 balls but he lost 2 balls in the playground. How many balls does Pete have now?

Problem #2
Ben got 5 stars for his math homework and 4 stars for his english homework. How many stars did Ben get in total?

Problem #3
Tom has 2 cars. He sells 1 car. How many cars does Tom have now?

Problem #4
Jason has 6 biscuits. He gives 4 biscuits to his sister. Now how many biscuits does Jason have?

Problem #5
Claire has 9 lollipops. She gives 3 lollipops to her sister and 2 lollipops to her friend. How many lollipops does Claire have now?

Problem #6
Paul has 2 dogs and 2 cats. He gets 1 more dog. How many pets does Paul have now?

Problem #7
Hannah has a collection of 8 stamps. She found 2 more stamps. Now how many stamps does Hannah have?

Problem #8
Brian did 2 pages of homework on Monday, 3 pages on Wednesday and 5 pages on Friday. How many pages of homework did Brian do all week?

Problem #9
There are 4 parrots sitting on a branch, 2 parrots fly away and 3 parrots land on the branch. How many parrots are sitting on the branch now?

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