Word Problems of Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division

Complete the test and get an award.

This is an online free math test for third grade. This test comprises of word problems which use mixed operations including addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. The students have to use the correct operation according to each question to answer the problems.
Question 1
One vegetable patch has 22 vegetables. How many total vegetables are there if there are 4 such patches?
Question 2
If 228 honey bees of 668 fly out of the hive, how many honey bees are there now?
Question 3
There are 21 students in the class. If each student has 4 books, how many total number of books are there in the class?
Question 4
Rita is 12 years old and her mother is 34 years old. How many years is the difference between their ages?
Question 5
If a lady buys 12 apples, 12 mangoes and 10 guavas, how many total pieces of fruit will she buy?
Question 6
Harry obtained 95 marks in Math, 90 marks in English, and 92 marks in Science. How many total marks did he obtain in all subjects?
Question 7
There were 550 passengers on a train. At the next stop, 289 passengers got off. How many passengers are there on the train now?
Question 8
One airplane can accommodate 330 passengers. How many airplanes are required to accommodate seats for 990 passengers?
Question 9
There are 522 birds sitting on a tree. If 129 birds fly away, how many birds will be there on the tree?
Question 10
If there are 4 classroom sections of third grade with 19 students in each class, how many third grade students are there in total?
Question 11
If only 18 travellers can be seated in a bus, how many buses will be required to seat 72 travellers?
Question 12
A city has 3 zoos. The first zoo has 213 animals, the second zoo has 68 animals and the third zoo has 177 animals. How many animals do all the zoos have in total?
Question 13
If one forest has 178 trees. How many trees do 4 forests have?
Question 14
One hall can accommodate 65 people. How many halls are required to accommodate 520 people?
Question 15
There are 828 people on a ship. If 389 people disembark before the ship completes its course, how many people will reach the destination?

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