Prime and Composite Numbers, Fourth Grade Math Test

Complete the test and get an award.

This is an online and completely free math test created for fourth grade students. In this test, students must differentiate between prime and composite numbers. The correct answer must be chosen from the given choices.
Question 1
Is 1 a prime number?

Question 2
Is 2 a prime number?

Question 3
Is 7 a prime number?

Question 4
Is 15 a prime number?

Question 5
Is 3 a composite number?

Question 6
Is 11 a composite number?

Question 7
Is 33 a composite number?

Question 8
Is 13 a composite number?

Question 9
What kind of number is 6?

Question 10
What kind of number is 19?

Question 11
What kind of number is 21?

Question 12
What kind of number is 17?

Question 13
A product of two same numbers (except 1) is always:

Question 14
Even numbers (except 2) are always:

Question 15
A number can be both odd and composite?

Question 16
A number can be both even and prime?

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