What to do now? Prime number distribution solved

What to do now? Prime number distribution solved

Postby Guest » Sat Feb 08, 2020 11:11 pm

Hello, my name is Pat. I am new here and have a question.
I don't know how i should start with this, or how this will be received, but here goes.

On December 12, 2019, i thought i would take a crack at something.Something that seemed so simple on the outside. Little did i know at that time that what i was about to do would have me asking the very nature of things and where they came from. and down this rabbit hole i went. not knowing that the something i sought was itself everything, and that everything.was contained in the number itself

And as it was, II began research on the distribution of prime numbers.
After 7 days of actually working on this problem, I discovered something.... very interesting.
That something was a structure, a pattern.

and that day was Christmas.

Since then I have spent every day doing further research, tring to put a hole in it, or find something similar.
I can not.
I looked all over the internet and spent days at the downtown library, going through every book on mathematics they had. In rare cases, some came close, but the numbers were wrong, the operation was represented, and the pattern was completely overlooked or ignored.

When others saw nothing, I saw the beauty. I assure you that everything is beautiful.

As of today, i have been developing a software that uses this pattern to generate primes while providing the factors of others. Again this a simple process that involves no division, but i have not found a way to formulate it as the formal equation for what i am doing seemingly does not exist.

I can tell you with absolute certainty if  n  is prime without the use of division..... 

But I have not found a way to express it. How does one just start making up symbols and inventing math? or am I missing some form of math that does exist? i doubt the latter, as i have been around and around in circles leading to the same branches of mathematics, that seems to be underdeveloped. This is surprising as the process that i am seeking to describe is quite simple from the outside.

i know that i have not told you the process in detail, as i have yet to present it. and that is my question. where do i go from here with this? some people i have spoke with say that i need to patent what i have done, as it is a "process" that "produces" or "manufactures" something, but i am still not sure as if such a thing can be done. patent math??
i have also been studying recently about RSA encryption, and i believe one can very easily develop a program that can factor these very large numbers in minutes if not seconds (as well as all the numbers that come before if i wanted to). Again, this is all done without division. Simple enough a smartphone could do it.

But again, what steps do i need to take to bring this discovery to light? I do not want the credit of my work to go to someone else. And yes. I want the money too.

and then there is this.
the EFF Cooperative Computing Awards

$150,000 to the first individual or group who discovers a prime number with at least 100,000,000 decimal digits
$250,000 to the first individual or group who discovers a prime number with at least 1,000,000,000 decimal digits
I can do this right now, but the rules state that how i do it (the process) needs to be accepted by the mathematical community, because as of today the ONLY accepted (known) way is by trial division.

i have reached out to 2 local universities with no response, other than one physicist that had me conclude that established mathematicians would not be so very happy that someone from the "outside" figured this one out. and that i would not be taken seriously. However what i have done is irrefutable. it can be looked at as an Axiom.

Some may be thinking.. as to the Reimann Hypothesis, and the zeta function.....
(the infinite series whose terms are the natural numbers 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + ....= -1/12)
I believe what i have found can rationalise this statement.


Thank you for taking your time reading this.
Any help of guidance you could give with this is very appreciated.

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