lim changes equation when plotting?

lim changes equation when plotting?

Postby BJWiley23 » Fri Jan 27, 2017 2:43 pm

I was looking to fresh my trig and calc skills for entrance exams for MS Degrees. I am wondering how I input this first equation into and on the graph populate another equation. The equations equal but I am not sure how to get from the equation entered to the one plotted

\lim _{x\to \:3}\left(\frac{5x^2-8x-13}{x^2-5}\right)

then on the graph, the equation that is plotted is as:

How you get from \lim _{x\to \:3}\left(\frac{5x^2-8x-13}{x^2-5}\right) to y=\left(\frac{12-8x}{x2-5}\right)+5

Here is the URL to clarify: ... 7D%5Cright)


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