Math prevents itself from being able to be done

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Math prevents itself from being able to be done

Postby Guest » Tue Jun 26, 2018 12:50 am

This is a little lengthy, so bear with me,

I have arrived at the conclusion that people who have problems doing math (such as myself) actually don't have the problem. We are actually all normal because we do not allow a corrupted system to say something is green, then later on change that to say this is now blue, while it's still green. Math has absolutes, and absolutes cannot have exceptions of exemptions. if you tell someone that 2+3=5 you cannot then later on have a problem that allows 2+3 to now become 6. (This is explained below). People like me aren't going to be told things like this, then be told we don't want to learn or there is something wrong with us.

Once again, you cannot teach someone an absolute, then later on have the system you're teaching someone, nullify it's own basics in this case, an absolute cannot have an exception/exemption. So when it comes to math, Anyone that wants to say it can, is saying that math is not absolute and any numbers can be or = any numbers despite it having basic absolutes that prevent that from happening.

So let me start off by saying that Math in it's current form literally cannot be done, and all the billions of people who are under the illusion that math is fine, are actually the ones that cannot do math because they're following a system, that cannot even apply tyhe basic absolutes it claims, throughout it's own system.

I'm really sick and tired of hearing about how math is absolute, then hearing about thousands of exceptions to certain situations in problems then hearing how the absolute is still being used.

The instant anyone says there is some rule/exception that literally ignores gets the basic absolute people said was set in stone, that person saying there is an exception, is now a blatant liar and making things up, that the basic math absolute prevents that person from doing.

Here is one of the millions of examples I'm talking about.

Under base math absolutes, it is 100% impossible to be able to find the 3rd variable in a problem that only contains 2 numbers. I will explain this Using height, width, and depth.

You have a rectangular area that you want to find out the depth, but you only have the numbers 3 and 2
3 on the top and 2 on the side.

You cannot do this problem because basic math absolute totally prevents the way people CLAIM this has to be solved (which would be to use one number in 2 different sides of this rectangular area as shown in this diagram: Using periods to show this There are only 5 units to use.


3 across the top and 2 on the side, or 2 on the top and 3 on the side...Either way you only have 5 actual units to work with and 5 units is an absolute number that unless actual unites are added to this problem, it cannot change no matter what you attempt to do.

Normally people will say to solve this, you would use one of those units two times which is saying 2+3 = 6

Since you only have 5 units, the absolute sets it so you can only use any of those numbers in one place and only one place no matter how you rearrange the diagram of what sides you use the units on you will only have a total of 5 units.

With only 5 total units, math outright states you cannot have 3 across the top, then use one of the units from the top, on the side and then still say you have 3 units on top, but now you also have 3 units on the side, it doesn't work like that. That situation literally is now saying 2+3=6

3 on the top and then 3 on the side and the math absolute of 2+3= 5, totally prevents that 2+3 from ever = 6. You cannot even have an exception to this. Because either way this is attempted under the current math system makes both sides of this cancel out the opposite side. So either this exception is saying 2+3=6 or 2+3=5 prevents an exception from ever happening.

Here is the in depth explanation about this:
If you have 3 on top and then say you also now have 3 on the side because you used one of those units twice you are literally saying that 2+3 is actually 6 because you cannot have 3 on top and also 3 on the side when you only have a total of 5 units. 3+3 = 6 You must have a total of 6 actual units. you cannot use one as a place holder to get 3 more than once. unless you literally add an additional unit to these types of problems, they are totally 100% impossible to solve because basic math absolutes won't ever let it happen, and to those saying that's how the problem is done is saying basic math absolutes do not exist and are just making up whatever you feel like it, to fit how you want this to work.

it's simple in this problem you either you have 5 units or you have 6, you cannot get 3 and 3 with only 5 units..math says you cannot.

So the overall point in I'm saying is a system cannot have an absolute of basic addition such as 2+3 = 5, then later on totally ignore it's own absolute system because some brain damaged idiot, said you can. Sorry people but 2+3 will never equal 6, because it's own math system says and shows it wont.

So there is no exception/exemption on this.

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