(new) delta radiation

(new) delta radiation

Postby Guest » Thu Sep 06, 2012 9:59 am

to give radiation to one object you , usualy, need other object that is more radioactive , to keep near it and it will pick it up afther some time . Basicly practice of inreachmant is very primitive and we would like to have a machine that with use of electricity gives us an effect easy to monitor and control , you would like to be able to swich the radiation off..etc
the lightball that create light would be aded a radioactive "filther" in front (sintetic glass that contains radon) and light would pick up the radiation sending it stronger in direction of the light it was so strong it could kill you ... you could swich it off , no light , no radiation.

some one has noticed that it is actualy a new type of radiation that with protons and neutrons has a photon or photons , so they started to call it DELTA radiation ...

it can be used to make a vaccine and other

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