Hypergeometric distribution question

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Hypergeometric distribution question

Postby Guest » Fri Aug 03, 2018 7:33 pm

Just need to make sure this is correct

A drawer contains 5 pairs of green socks, 3 pairs of black socks, and 4 pairs of red socks. All of the pairs are together, meaning that there are not 24 randomly distributed socks, but 12 pairs. You reach into the drawer and pull out 3 pairs of socks without putting any back.

What is the probability that you get 2 pairs of green socks? Leave your answer as a fraction in lowest terms.

I used this formula p(x)=(C(a,x)C(N-a,n-x))/(C(N,n)) and My answer was 7/22.

Can someone confirm if this is correct plz

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