Issue to solve this proof

Probability theory and statistics

Issue to solve this proof

Postby Guest » Thu Oct 12, 2017 12:16 am

Good morning.

My problem is as follow:

I have an event assuming A. The probability that A occurs at time t is: [tex]p(t)= e^{-bt}*|sin(at)|[/tex]. Where a,b are positive parameters

We divide the time in small step times let's say [tex]\delta t= 0.125[/tex], Then, we count how many time A occur for [tex]t =[0, \infty][/tex].

So my problem is to study the number of occurrence of A in the variation of the parameter a and b.
Which I can prove mathematically that for a lower value of b, A occurs more often and for the bigger value of a, A occurs more frequently.

I hope I was clear.
If anyone has any suggestion or idea about how could we do that.
Thank you.


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