How to calculate p-value?

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How to calculate p-value?

Postby Guest » Sun Jun 11, 2017 9:56 am

I've got these tests

They show the growth of a plant in mm and I have to test if the growth is inferior to 1.1mm
I think I have to get the p-value from KS test but I'm not seeing how
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Re: How to calculate p-value?

Postby Guest » Mon Jun 11, 2018 4:17 pm

Usually the p-value is looked up on a chart on either the T distribution (if n < 30) or the Z distribution if (n ≥ 30). This doesn't give an exact value. Instead an approximate p-value is obtained. This is because to calculate the p-value based on data, it requires a pretty complex calculus equation. Thus, usually in schools, teachers will just have you look up the value on a distribution chart. If you want to find the exact value, you can either do the calculus to solve for it or just use an online All you must do is enter the test statistic, the sample size of the data, the hypothesis testing type, and the significance level value. I see all of those present in your chart above, though you would want to convert the commas to decimal points. I know those are in portuguese form. The sample size is equal to, n = df + 1. The calculator will then compute the accurate p-value.

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