Pythagorean Theorem Examples

Pythagorean Theorem Examples

Postby Guest » Mon Feb 27, 2012 3:52 am

Hi Folks,
Please help me all such tips regarding Pythagorean Theorem Examples and it's use . I always get stucked in solving such problems of Pythagorean Theorem . So please allow me to find this .Thanks.

Re: Pythagorean Theorem Examples

Postby Guest » Thu Jun 13, 2019 11:40 am

I had to search for a question! If you mean
"In a ΔABC, perpendicular AD from A on BC meets at D.If BD= 8 cm, DC = 2 cm and AD= 4 cm"
Since AD is perpendicular to BC, both ABD and ACD are right triangles and we can apply the Pythagorean theorem to both. Using ABD, [tex](AB)^2= (AD)^2+ (BD)^2= 16+ 64= 100[/tex] so AB= 10. Using ACD, [tex](AC)^2= (AD)^2+ (CD)^2= 16+ 4= 20[/tex] so [tex]AC= \sqrt{20}= 4\sqrt{5}[/tex]. Now can you answer the question?

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