help needed

help needed

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i need help with the following asap


You have decided to landscape your back garden, and have chosen to:

place a border around your pond (A)
replace the broken fence surrounding the garden and add a decorative trellis
build a patio in section B
spray your lawn with lawn food (it's looking a little patchy)
You can find a outline of your garden in Unit 2 - Assessment Resource.

You may find it helpful to print it out to view as you work through this assessment.

Part 1
Before you buy materials, you need to work out how much you will need. As such, you need to calculate the following:

the circumference of the pond
the perimeter of the garden
the patio area
the lawn area
the pond area
Please remember to show your workings and give answers to two decimal places!

Part 2
You have arrived at the store and managed to find everything you need. You now need to work out how much each of the materials will cost:

Fencing is £6 per panel
Trellis panelling is £8 per panel
Fencing and trellis panels are 1.5m in length
Border blocks for water features cost £5.40 per bag. Each bag covers 2m
Patio slabs are £9.50 per box of 10. Each patio slab measures 60cm x 60cm
Lawn food costs £3 per bottle. Each bottle covers 3 square metres
Remember to show your workings, and to provide a total cost at the end.

Part 3
A) What if you had originally measured everything in your garden using the Imperial system of feet and inches? What difficulties might you have faced once you arrived at the store? How would conversion affect accuracy? It is easier to use one system than another? Why do you think the UK changed from the Imperial system to the Metric system in 1995?

Write approximately 200 words to answer the above questions.

B) Discuss the limitations and disadvantages of using mathematical models in this assessment scenario. Looking again at your garden outline, are there any real life factors that have not been taken into consideration?

This should be approximately 200 words in length.
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Re: help needed

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So, basically, you want someone, who does not know you at all, to do a great deal of work to do your homework for you, so you won't have to do any work and won't run the terrible risk of actually learning something!

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