Logic Questions

Logic Questions

Postby Plonker » Mon Mar 06, 2017 10:45 am

Hi there, I desperately need your help :P

I was very ill for the past week and missed out on class time when we were taught the content. I attempted the homework questions but because I've had to breeze through the content I'm not sure if I have answered all the questions correctly or as well as I could have. Could you please review my four questions and inform me of the correct answers if I'm wrong?

Your help is VERY appreciated.

Questions: http://imgur.com/a/2wx3C

My Answers:

a) ¬a ∧ u ⇒ h
b) a ∧ u ⇔ h
c) a ⇒ ¬h ⊕ ¬a ⇒ h

a) He does not speak or she does not jump
b) He speaks and she does not jump
c) Because he spoke she did not jump???

a) I'm fine with this
b) Yes it is represented by p ⇒ q ⇒ r

a) i. If all succeeds do not read the instructions. This is equivalent to p.
ii. Read the instructions only if all else fails
b) I'm fine with this

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