Calculus Help!

Calculus Help!

Postby Guest » Mon Jan 18, 2021 8:07 pm

Hi I'm quite confused about this question, idk if I got the right answer of -1?

Find the exact area of the region bounded between the graph of f(x)=2x(1−x^2), the x-axis and the lines x=0 and x=1.

I got -1? Is that correct?

Re: Calculus Help!

Postby HallsofIvy » Mon Jan 18, 2021 8:21 pm

The area bounded by "[tex]f(x)=2x(1−x^2)[/tex], the x-axis and the lines x=0 and x=1" is given by
[tex]\int_0^1 2x(1- x^2) dx= 2\int_0^1 (x- x^3)dx[/tex]

Can you do that integral?

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