Vectors in geometry


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Can someone help solve these problems, I am really stuck on them.

Bob’s car stalled as he was driving up an incline that makes an angle of 15° with the horizontal. If the car weighs 4500 pounds, find the magnitude of the force that pulls his car down the incline.

If two forces with an angle of 60° between them have a resultant of 100 N and one of the forces is 80 N, find the other force (to the nearest tenth of a Newton) and the angle the unknown force makes with the resultant. Draw a sketch.

A plane is traveling due west with an air speed of 400 miles per hour. There is a tailwind blowing from the northeast with a bearing of 225° at 50 miles per hour. Use the drawing below to determine the direction and the magnitude of the groundspeed of the plane.

Two forces with, 1 F and 2 F , with magnitudes of 20N and 30N respectively, act on an object at point P. 1 F angle is 45 degrees and 2 F angle is 150 degrees. Determine the resultant force, F , in component form.

I appreciate your help in advance. My professors notes had nothing to do with these problems and after watching several videos on vectors I am left feeling more confused than ever

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