Still sin.cos and tan but different problems

Trigonometry equalities, inequalities and expressions - sin, cos, tan, cot

Still sin.cos and tan but different problems

Postby babyj » Mon Dec 03, 2007 6:32 pm

Ok now i have a circle. The problem reads: A satellite is in a circular orbit above the equator. How high must the orbit be for 10 percent of the equator to be visible from the satellite? (Consider the earth's equator to be a circle of radius 3989 miles.) If 10 percent of the equator is to be visible, the arc C'C is 36° (10 percent of 360). Also in triangle ABC, angle C is 90°. You know BC and\angle ABC. How many miles above the earth should the satellite be?

Now that is all they give me and i dont know how to get the answer for the problem. But the picture is 2 triangles inside of a circle but they are comming out of the circle a little and its legs are the radians. Can somebody please help me with this problem please? :)
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Postby Math Tutor » Tue Dec 04, 2007 5:15 am

Why do not you use
sine rule?

Use the formula here:

You have a side and two angles of a triangle and have to find the other side.

Write down, please
what is diffucult to you.

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