Help with a decision matrix


Help with a decision matrix

Postby Guest » Sat May 05, 2018 7:31 pm

Hello Mathematicians!

I am trying to set up a decision matrix that will provide a score based on the criteria being scalable as opposed to a preferential value being assigned when compared to other options. This is to evaluate the "deal" attributable to used cars when considering cost, mileage, and age. We have upper and lower limits in each category, therefore the criteria should be established with the following criteria:

1. cost, between 0-\$25,000.00, lower being better
2. mileage, between 0-100,000 miles, lower being better
3. age, between 0-8 years old, lower (more recent vehicle) being better

I would weight the cost criteria twice as heavily as the other two.

My concept is that I could enter those criteria and see an overall score for that particular vehicle, which I could then compare to other vehicles in a running log to kind of get a feel for what is a better deal. For example, does a 2013 vehicle with 70K miles going for \$17K score better than a 2010 with 85K miles going for \$12.5K? That is what we would like to compare. Just for emphasis, I don't want a simple "winner" in each category based on comparing multiple vehicles simultaneously, the goal is to be able to have the variations in the criteria produce a unique score for that vehicle, meaning the resulting scores would fluctuate as the criteria does.

Not that it matters, but other aspects of car purchasing such as color, interior etc. don't need to be factors in this. This is strictly to evaluate the "apple" and "orange" quality of used car shopping, where you are rarely looking at comparable vehicles when evaluating the cost.

Thanks so much

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