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Math Problem

Postby Guest » Mon Mar 18, 2024 5:14 am

Hey guys need someone very smart with statistics to explain me this or solve it okay i explain it like this
Opening stacked decks to get card
There are 366 cards
Stacked deck value 1
there are about 100 cards worth decently like 4-10 value
there are 5 cards worth 1000-2500 value around 2 of those from 10k decks
and there are 2 cards worth 4000 value around 1 for 15k decks

Now if we remove 30 cards from 366 pool is that change ev positive or not? Some of these removed cards are worth 100 value but rare like 1 in 1000 or so ...
Can explain more if needed this is just short version

Re: Math Problem

Postby RobertMills » Mon Mar 18, 2024 7:50 am

Analyzing the scenario you've described involves understanding probabilities and expected value. With a deck of 366 cards, each with varying values, the goal is to determine if removing 30 cards from the pool changes the expected value (EV) positively or not.

Considering the composition of the deck, which includes cards of different values ranging from 1 to as high as 4000, the removal of 30 cards could indeed impact the overall expected value. Especially if those removed cards include rare ones worth a significant amount, even though they are infrequent.

To ascertain the effect of this removal, we would need to delve into the probabilities associated with drawing different cards from the deck. The presence of rare, high-value cards suggests that the deck has potential for positive expected value, particularly if those cards are retained.

However, removing cards, especially those with higher values or rarity, could potentially decrease the overall expected value. It depends on the specific probabilities and distributions within the deck.

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