Math and Physics was my favorite subjects but...


Math and Physics was my favorite subjects but...

Postby Ejaz » Mon Sep 10, 2018 6:32 am

\sum_{x=0}^{10 }x^2Yes, math and physics were my favorite subjects when I was in high school and but theirs a story behind I Love math more than Physics. I have started a business of desi wedding clothes when I and my best friend left completed the studies, we have a great work at online under the name of ... l-dresses/. But he changed his field one day even we were enjoying the business but leaving his was good for me and now I want to say to every Math's student that do start their own business as I have started, but I have started it late I advice you to start the small house business online and try to earn money and sport your parents as well.
At the end, my favorite equations when I was studying was [tex]\int[/tex] \sum_{x=0}^{10 }x^2 and \begin{cases} x + y = 4 \\ x - y = 0 \end{cases}
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